Miscarriage Support

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Losing a baby is devastating.

The emotional after-effects are life changing. This is true for those of us who have lost a child to SIDS, have had a miscarriage, a still born birth or an infant death. No matter how long we were pregnant or how old our child was. We all feel the same sadness, the same helplessness. Our emotions can feel overwhelming at times.

It's often difficult for those around us to see us in pain. They feel uncomfortable with our sadness. They might say the wrong thing or say nothing at all. If you have experienced a pregnancy loss or death of a child, we understand that you need a safe, judgment free place to talk about what you are thinking and feeling. We understand that this is not easy. Everyone handles loss differently. We are here to help.



What can you expect when you come in for an miscarriage appointment?

  • 1. Upon arrival you will be offered a hot or cold drink.
  • 3. We will discuss the miscarraige sessions available to you and give you some resources to take home.
  • 2. We will do an initial intake to get to know you, discussing the basic information about your miscarraige.


We offer five, sixty minute appointments, free and confidential.
Call (902) 422-8539 to make an appointment today.